Folks anytime you need Oklahoma City on a repair and you don’t know where to look. Look no further than the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist right here at. Chevron automotive where Oklahoma City Auto Repair and there have been made easier than it is right now. We we truly just have a number of great services that we offer when we do offer those services to make sure that we give the correct diagnosis the first time around. We have expert A.S.C. certified technicians that can do anything from Underwoods services on gasoline diesel vehicles to anything else. We have a 24 month 24000 mile warranty on anything changes to headlight restoration what people are saying about us is that we you know couldn’t get a car started and it wasn’t a station nearby on their way back from Houston KC and they weren’t able to get their car towed to Chevrolet. But up until 5:10 they closed at 5:30 but still got us out the same night and we’re super friendly and helpful. Great place. Thanks guys. So you know that’s that’s just one testimonial and you can really see why we truly do have reasonable prices friendly honest mechanics who stand by their work and why everyone is loving the wonderful service they’re receiving at Shepherd automotive. We’ve been on it for quite a while now and we’ve been making Oklahoma city of repair easier and easier by the day by just making it more accessible and finding more and more people you know they have told more and more people about you know the auto repair and why any time they need Oklahoma’s repair they know who to call.

Right here at the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist Shepherd automotive. So next time you do need that please come down and see us whether it’s something that you need done with your electrical or extensive like that with the you know biological system diagnosis Secondly computer diagnostics.
We can do that whether it’s something under the hood such as the water pump you know fuel injection service or simply a tuna. We can do that as well. We also do any kind of you know B.G. will service maintenance such as you know engine oil changes transmission fluid drive wind differential power steering things like that. We also do any kind of shocks and stress exhaust work mounting and balance rotations clutch repair wheel bearing replacement four wheel drive service. All of that. We also have a lot of you know convenient services when it comes to Fleet Services as well because we offer you know anything from old changes to complete transmission replacements on fleet service vehicles and we really worked to give you guys better prices and party service. If you do have a fleet truck please come see us here today we’d love load service all your fleet vehicles. We also have a number of different convenient services such as free rides back to where you need to go if he knew shuttle service we got you there pre-purchase inspections also headlight restoration services so great complimentary services that we give you right there convenience to you. Shepherd services you can make an appointment right now at 405 843 Eighty five hundred on the phone. Go to 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101 in person to make an appointment or just make an appointment on line. Shepperton a lot of dot com. Either way you do you’re going to see why everyone here is loving the Oklahoma City on repair that they received right here in the Oklahoma City area.

Sheperd Automotive we have continued to just offer the consistent great service that we have time and time again and that’s why we built these relationships with our customers. They know they have the peace of mind anytime they come in that they can leave and not have to worry about whether their cars are going to run or start the next day. They know for a fact that if we say we did it we did it right because we. Do it. Time and time and again that’s just the thing we continue to offer that same service over and over and so people just learned over time that we continue to do that and we are going to stand by word each time. You know like I said we’re backed consistently by that 24 month 24000 warranty so you always have that to fall back on for one thing so please if you have had a chance to check us out please go either online the Chevron automotive dot com call the phone number at 405 a 4 8 4 3 eighty five hundred and make an appointment today.
Sheppard automotive.