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Anytime you need Oklahoma City Auto Repair Please look at the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist at Sheperd automotive. We’ve been out for a number of years folks. We have a great state of the art facility here at 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101. You can come check us out right there and see all the certified A.S.C. technicians that we have on staff here and why we were able to you know provide the great services we do receive you get to go into the comfortable waiting room and get free Wi-Fi while you wait or check us out there. We also offer a number of different convenience services such as headlight restoration and free shuttle service if you’d like it. We have the after hours job offer anyone who needs to drop something off. You know after hours didn’t get off till later didn’t get to work. You know super early and were not open yet. You can certainly get there because we do have hours of 8:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday. We do service fleet vehicles if you do have fleet services that you need on any yearly vehicles we really would love to do your service right here. We offered to try to give you guys better pricing in our priority service when you come in. So please if you need Oklahoma City on a repair and you have a fleet of vehicles that needs it please come and see us today for your home as the auto repair needs. Right here the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist Chevron automotive.

We truly have set out to give people better peace of mind no matter where they’re from because we truly understand what it’s like to be on the other end of the steering wheel and be the one who’s receiving the automotive work and you know as a child guy shepherd the founder of our company has truly was raised by his father and his grandfather owned his own shop and so he learned you know processes and procedures in you know working on vehicles and really learned how to be a great automotive. Repair Shop owner by just simply getting good morals and values and treating others as he would want to be treated by giving that great service continually day in and day out.

And you know getting people back on the road quicker faster and for longer with the right diagnosis the first time. So you don’t have to second guess the service that she received here and get you back on the road quicker faster and. In less time so please. He had I had a chance to check us out. Please check us out today at Sheperd on emotive dot com where we are continuing to offer that great service right here at your fingertips. So if you haven’t received it you should come in and check us out. We would love to be your go to service here. So please come and see why everyone is raving about the service they received right here Sheperd automotive. And why. You should come in today to see us and see what everyone is raving about. Right here at Sheperd automotive 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101. Or you can also come into. The. Go go to the Web site at Sheperdautomotive dotcom and see all the great services we offer there on the comprehensive Web site on the services tab on the Web site you can also see testimonials about us and the contact area where you can see that address and such I just gave you. You can also just call us on the phone if you want to make an appointment that way at 4 5 8 4 3 eighty five hundred. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates and you know comments and such from some of our customers who ever received services from us.

We also have a video available of different videos that have been avoided of people getting service from us and you know railing about their experience so please check us out here today and get better automotive service quicker faster and with better peace of mind. Right now today at chaper automotive. The leading Oklahoma City oller repair specialists in year in the Oklahoma City area.