Folks anytime you need Oklahoma City or repair you want to come right here. The Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist at. Shepherd automotive where we truly take your automotive experience and try to give you the best possible experience we can with your vehicle by just simply giving you an accurate diagnosis up for the first time for one and then after that just really striving to make sure that we truly offer you know. Peace of mind by making sure that we are just honest with you. You know we don’t try to do you know work on your car give you services that you don’t need. You know. We’re not going to get caught up in a lie ever because we don’t you know we just shoot straight and let you know this is what’s wrong with the car. And this is what we need to do to get fixed. You can go online to our Web site here and check out many of the testimonials of people that have took their chance and came down here and try this out and have now realized how great of a relationship that we’ve you know built through just the consistent customer service we give each time they come in. You can set your appointment today online which is really cool you can just put the information in there and get that one dollar all change right now today you can go to the Contact Us page and see the actual address there. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. You know 9:43 Broadway extension. Right here in Oklahoma City. So that’s a you know nice way to check that out you see the number 8 4 5 8 4 3.

Eighty five hundred hours of operation which is Monday to Friday to 5:30. So if you do get off at 5:00 o’clock and have trouble getting down here you know you’ve got that 30 minute window to get your car down here afterwards. But since we do have the after hours pick up even if you have to leave it out to us you give us a call let us know what you need done. You know during our hours and then drop it off afterwards we can study be taken care of you. You know leave the keys in the drop box and we can we can do that for you. You know we really want you to you know go to the Web site and see the About Us page look at a little bit more about us. And Guy Shepherd you know the the the founder of the company and see why to us you’re not just a number we understand. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. You know that you have important things that you need to accomplish in your life. And we realize here that.Oklahoma City Auto Repair. Your transportation and your ability to get to and from is a big part of that. And so that’s why we really understand that you have a budget as everyone does. And we want to help you spend your dollars wisely. We’re not going to try to price gouging or dig in your pocket. As I said we’re just going to try to complete an honest evaluation by a professional and get you back on the road and figured out what’s most important now sometimes. Have you ever had your car looked at in a while. It can be surprising because there might be a lot of stuff wrong with that you may not have known before. And so at times it seems like oh my gosh or tell me there’s a hundred things wrong. Well there probably is but they’re also not going to tell you that you need to get them all done right now. They’re going to give you a priority list and let you know. These can be done first These can be done second that way you kind of have a plan together and you guys can work as a team to get you you know back on the road and to accomplish whatever it is that you know your automotive goals are. So please you know stop giving those incorrect diagnosis’s and poor workmanship and failure. You know from those cheaper shops and come right now to the automotive elements to the auto repair specialists right here at the auto repair. Specialist right here at Shepherd automotive where Oklahoma City repairs never been made easier than it is right now.

So please if you haven’t got to check us out and see why there comes a repair here is so trusted and loved by all. The Oklahoma City people you really need to see why. Oklahoma City repairs really being defined by the auto repair specialist. Automotive. We continue to do our best to serve our community and hope that you can come see us today.