Oklahoma City Auto Repair | Enjoying the New Car Smell

So folks please as I said Any time you need automotive services we’re come down here today to shepherd automotive and see why Oklahoma City repair is really defined by the Oakland of repair service. You’re going to receive right here at Shepherd automotive. You know I think by just all this you know years that we’ve put in here in the Oklahoma City area that we’ve been doing this auto repair I think we’ve really you know gained a name in the area for being the Oklahoma city of repair specialist. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. You know and really the leading of clumsy repair. You know. Shop in the area to give you the best piece of mind and honest service. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. I mean that’s really what people know us by as the honest services they get here in the correct diagnosis they receive every time up. That way they don’t have to come in and get you know second opinions and things like that. I mean you know. I hate it when people say they have to get a second opinion on their automotive care. It’s kind of like you know if you feel like you need a second opinion you’re at the wrong place. Please stop treating your auto care like a insurance quote and come here and know that you’re going to get the best service ever.
Right here at Sheperd automotive where we strive to truly give you that peace of mind by just going the extra mile each and every time you come in and given you that extensive you know warranty of the 24 month 24000 mile warranty on literally all parts and labor even if it’s an old changing oil filter because we know that here we truly can stand by our word because it’s something that we have instilled in us and it’s our real passion here as Shepherd automotive folks if you need to come down and check us out please do it at 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101 in Oklahoma City or just give us a call at. 405 a four three eighty five hundred today or get a shepherd Automotive.com and you can set that appointment to get your $1.
Or change. Right now today and see why we are making automotive repair easier and quicker right here. And. Sheperd automotive.