Oklahoma City Auto Repair | Good as New Today

Anytime you detail comes to the auto repair look no further than the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist right here at Shepherd automotive where we continue to give consistent service each and every time you come in. And that’s really why the people here in Oklahoma City truly love us and why we’ve continued to you know grow as a company by just you know servicing all the many things that we service and doing it right the first time. So if you haven’t had a chance to check us out here at 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101 please come down and check us out in person today. You can also go to the Web site at Shaeffer on emotive dot com or call 405 8:43 500 and see why everyone is loving us today right here at Chevron automotive. We have a number of different services that we offer whether it be under car services or any light brake systems flat repair shock and repair exhaust systems nitrogen inflation you know clutch repair a complete automatic transmission repair so anything on a transmission will do it all. We know anything on the beat. BP made it servicing such as power steering fluids transmission fluid services fuel injection and air induction services drive line differential service. All of that we can do for you including all changes we do under hood services such as timing belt serpentine belt engine mounts. Things of that nature filter services tuneups electro electrical system services such as complete computer diagnostics wiring systems even down to something as simple as a battery service and replacement will do all of that for you right here.
We do stand behind our work also with the 24:20 fourth out 24 month twenty four thousand mile nationwide. Parts and labor warranty and our goal is really just to give you peace of mind no matter where you’re from and knowing that you’re going to receive the best automotive care possible right here at a price that you know you can live with and you’re going to know that when you leave you’re not going to have to worry about coming back because the Oakland AC repair that you received right here the local the auto repair specialist at Chevron Automotive is exceptional. And you know we’ll keep you on the road longer. And with better peace of mind each and every time you come in consistently. So please come see Shepherd automotive today and find out why Oklahoma City Auto Repair has never been easier than it is right now. With the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist Shepherd Automotive we do everything from electrical service to under hood services B.G. maintenance services under car services. We also do any kind of fleet services. We do have a fleet of services whether it be Chevy Dodge or vans whatever it is gasoline diesel we can all do it. We can always do it. Here we have Master A.S.C. techs that do anything for oil changes to full transmission replacements on those. So please bring it in and let us show you why we are really beloved by so many for the great service that people receive right here. Sheperd automotives whether you’re trying to make a race car or whether you just want to service your daily driver you can get all of that done right here at Sheperd automotive.
You can go to our Web site at Sheperd automotive dot com and look at the number of testimonials we have online the services we offer in the About Us page which is great you can also go to the Contact Us page and see our address is 9:43 right away extension’s sweet 101. You can definitely come see us there. Also get our phone number 405 8:43 Eighty five hundred off there and come see our Facebook or Twitter for any pictures or you know comments and feeds from other customers on there. So please I implore you if you haven’t had a chance to see why we are you know showing everyone the great customer service that we are offering here time and time again and having people leave with smiles and better peace of mind because of the gray auto repair they received here 7.0 you need to get down here and experience it today. Your first oil change for a dollar so it’s really a no brainer folks. Ship it automotive. Check this out.