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Folks any time you need Oklahoma City Auto Repair you really need to get down to the Oklahoma City odd repair specialist right here in Oklahoma City area Shepherd automotive where we truly have a goal set out to.
Show you what honest auto repair truly is and how you can receive it. Easy is ever right here near Oklahoma City area by just go into our comprehensive Web site right here at Shepherd dot dot com and you can go to the services area and see all the great you know automotive services that we do offer here even all the way down to our comfortable waiting room and free Wi-Fi we offer.
You can see a number of different testimonials that are on our Web site of people that have came in dealt with us and have really as you know enjoyed their experience here and would love to be able to share that experience to other people.
So please go check that out. You can also go online to Facebook or Twitter and check us on either one of those and see why people are loving us and all the different photos and pictures that people have shared about their experience there. You can call make your appointment today if you’d like it. 4 5 8 4 385 100 and if it is your first time you’re going to receive a free oil change for just one dollar. So what better way to check out the Oklahoma City Auto Repair right here at the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist.
Shepherd automotive. You can go to the About Us page and just see why it really to us. You’re not just the number we understand that you have important things that you are trying to accomplish in your life in. Your car and the way of transportation back and forth to the event that you need to take care of in your life is really vital part of it. And so we really want to make sure that when we do get work done for you we give you a proper diagnosis the first time so that you know that you have peace of mind and can feel that you trust us by mass shooting straight with you and letting you know this is what you have to work on you don’t have to do it all at once. But this is a priority list of what probably should be done first and second and so on. We understand that you do have a budget also so we’re not going to try to charge you an arm and a leg and so that’s why we do have that power the list and let you know a better way to spend your money. And we really just hope that we can help you spend the money more wisely and help you gain a relationship every time you come in with separate on a motive that you know that you’ll get an honest evaluation by a professional. And you know you’re going to be able to get you know not only not the lowest price but the best service.
So please take a chance on us today and come down and see why everyone is loving the service that they’re receiving right here. Shepherd automotive.