Oklahoma City Auto Repair | Fast Fixes

Folks any time you need Oklahoma City Auto Repair you need to get right down here to the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist at Shepherd automotive where we have a number of different services that we offer to the public and you can see all those right here on the great web site Sheperd automotive dot com. But you know we do anything from complete computer diagnostics electronic system diagnostics why repairs you know engine controls battery service replacements starter and alternator services power window and door locks service you know and that’s just the electrical work that we’ll do. So you know I know that’s one thing that a lot of other places don’t do. We specialize in it. You know we have ACS you know certified mechanics that are here. You know everyday and they’re ready to service your vehicle right now and get you on the road. Quicker with better peace of mind. You know so that you don’t have to go back and worry you know hey did this person do the right job a good job or did they make the correct diagnosis you’re going to get that done right here. And you know we are not the cheapest but we do stand by our word and we feel like we are the best. And one thing we do to kind of. Make a point you know to our customers that we do stand behind our word is we offer that 24 month 24000 mile nationwide parts and labor warranty any time you get any kind of service from us even if it’s all change.
So you know really our goal here with auto repair is is give you better peace of mind no matter where you’re from and you know get you on the road. More effectively.
Quicker. You know at a rate that both people can live with It’s not like we’re going to charge you an arm and a leg.
We just we just can’t say that we’re the cheapest in town because quite frankly you can go get cheaper auto repair but you’re going to get what you pay for. And so we want to offer you know like I said not the cheapest but the best. And so that’s what we do here is we offer the best auto repair in the Oklahoma City area by just consistently giving good customer service you know accurate diagnosis the first time so that we don’t have to go back in and second guess it. So if you want to receive the best Oklahoma City on the repair you can come to the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialists Shepherd automotive where we really make it easy for you to be able to make an appointment by giving you that first whole change for $1.
Or you can come in just for one dollar and receive that full point you know all change with oil filter five point inspection. You’re going to get that warranty on it. You get a filter you know fluid et cetera. That does exclude Diesel’s folks but you know any kind of gasoline car you’re going to be able to do that with here so please if you know you’ve been you know tuckered out from going and taking your car to multiple people and feeling like that you’re getting ripped off at every one of them and just feel like there’s nobody you can trust. Please come take a chance for one dollar and see why we are building long lasting relationships right here.
Sheperd automotive because we’re offering exceptional customer service at a good rate with a multitude of different convenience services such as free shuttle service as long as it’s a reasonable distance you know to your car if you need or to your work. If you have your car dropped off. You know. A comfortable waiting room with after hours drop off is free Wi-Fi and pre-purchase inspections on any car that you’d like to purchase. You know headlight restoration headlight oxidation. Is a big problem on modern cars. Reduces the effectiveness of the headlights reducing visibility and it gives your car an older neglected look don’t replace your headlights just let us help you get them looking brand new again. With that restoration service so.
You know please come see us today and let us help you. 5 8 43 80 572 10 right of way. It’s tensioned Oklahoma City right here. Sheppard automotive.