Are you needing to get Oklahoma city transmission repair? Are you trying to do it yourself question what have you spent hours on end underneath your car trying to fix your own vehicle? We know how frustrating it can be that is why we encourage you to leave it to the professionals and not stress yourself out. We have qualified technicians and ASE-certified technicians as well. Our technicians are not only qualified they are experienced to take care of and handle any service that you need for your vehicle. We service all kinds of evil such as Honda, Nissan, Yoda, and much more. Don’t worry if your vehicle is a diesel vehicle because we service diesel and gasoline vehicles. We can do anything from an oil change all way to a complete engine or transmission replacement.

We shepherd Automotive is proud to serve you. In fact, we are voted best auto shop in Oklahoma city because we are different than everyone else. Are you wondering why? Because we truly care about our customers. We can care so much that we even want to give you $25 off your first oil change and we even know you. That’s right if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City transmission repair shop then you also need an oil change you don’t want to miss out on this awesome deal. We believe that we are an honest automotive shop. We know how annoying it is already to have to take your car in and we don’t want to put more pressure on you by lying about what you need to get fixed when you don’t really need those fixed. We are not only honest we are also friendly here at Shepherd Automotive.

If you want you good our website at we have more information about our Oklahoma city transmission repair shop and we also have testimonials of people have already used services before. We encourage you to check those out that we get a perspective from a customer’s point of view about her business instead of ice opinion. Regardless of the repair could you need the engine, transmission, brakes replaced, it doesn’t matter what you need to be done we can help you. We also offer services for maintenance such as oil change, tuneup, transmission fluid service, you name it we can do it.

Here at our shop we also offer you the convenience that you need. You have to weigh in our waiting room we offer free Wi-Fi for your leisure. They offer after-hour drop-off if your schedule is too busy and it doesn’t fit with our schedule as well. We can even offer a free shuttle for those who don’t want to depend on someone else to pick you up or drop you off.

So what are you waiting for your car safe and ready for the road? You us today at 405-843-8500 we have someone available to take your call and answer any questions you have. They can also schedule your oil change or any other repairs or needs. Also that our we have more information about what we do.

Are you looking for the Oklahoma city transmission repair shop technology the dance you need? We know how boring it is to be in the waiting room that is I want to offer you free Wi-Fi you can have a good time while you’re waiting for your vehicle to get service. We also offer hour drop-off just in case you want to drop your car off after work. We can also offer you free shuttles for those of you that don’t want to depend on the phone to pick you up or drop you’re or if you don’t have it we can do that for you as long as is a reasonable distance. We are a company that guarantees our work is why we have a warranty for 24 months for up to 24,000 miles nationwide.

Speaking nationwide are you going on a road trip anytime soon? Are you looking for an Oklahoma city transmission repair shop because your transmission is acting up and you plan to use your car on the road trip? We have qualified and ASE-certified technicians who can handle your vehicle. We get your vehicle ready to go flat road trip. We do everything from oil change all the way to a complete engine or transmission replacement. Our service is about any car such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and much more. Don’t worry if your vehicle is diesel we work on diesel or gasoline vehicles. Regardless of the issues that you’re happy we believe that we are qualified to help you with your knee.

Looking for Oklahoma city transmission repair for your specific vehicle he found the right place. I mentioned some of the vehicles that we service but if you want to know more you go to our website we have more information on the cars the service as well as the services we offer for your vehicle. While you’re on our website you should check out the testimonials that we have. Our testimonials are perfect for those of you that don’t one of ice opinion is that you want to the perspective from the customer’s point of view. Regardless of what you’re needing if it’s a maintenance service or a complete repair service we can give you the quality you need.

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