Oklahoma city transmission repair | Superior Shepherd service
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

Are you looking for in Oklahoma City transmission repair shop that is local and family owned? If so, then you definitely need to visit Shepherd Automotive. They have been in business since January 2005 and they have been faithfully serving the wonderful community here in Oklahoma City for over 14 years. They have gained immense amount of experience and knowledge throughout his 14 years and they are able to handle a wide variety of different services and projects for their clients here in Oklahoma City. You’ll be blown away by the level of dedication and their willingness to go above and beyond for the sale. You are the most important thing in their business and they want to exceed all your expectations that you may have for them.

If you get a wild hair and wants to itch it please go online and search for Shepherd Automotive and see the numerous five star reviews left by extremely happy clients. I am telling you, you will not want to go with another automotive repair shop after you deal with the very best here at Shepherd Automotive. They are always going to go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality service and clients and you’ll be forever grateful you have the opportunity work with such a hands-on company here at Shepherd automotive. Basically anything under the hood no matter fits gasoline or diesel they will be able to help you with. They also offer many other services to the clients. They truly are the best Oklahoma City transmission repair shop in the state of Oklahoma today.

Some of the other services that Shepherd Automotive offers to their amazing clients include under hood service, electrical system service, convenience services, maintenance services, fake service, and under care services. In offer Oklahoma City transmission repair services. This is the ultimate automotive company and you will be forever loyal once you get a taste of how they treat their clients. If you’re looking for engine or transmission repair or replacement please give Shepherd Automotive a call today and they will be able to walk you to the best options possible for your budget and time frame. The number one goal is safety and that is something that they will not compromise on.

Many convenience services also help keep Shepherd Automotive ahead of the competition. For example they offer free shuttle services to reasonable distances for their customers. This is perfect for people who have a one car family or need to be dropped off after work in order to pick up their vehicle before Shepherd Automotive closes for the evening. They also offer after our drop-offs. This is perfect for people that are workaholics and cannot get a break to drop off their vehicle during regular business hours here at Shepherd automotive.

If you like more information on how to get started with Shepherd Automotive please feel free to visit their website to see a complete list of services they offer for the clients at www.shepherdautomotive.com or give them a call today at (405) 843-8500.

Oklahoma city transmission repair | Complete care for you
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

I know it seems like the worst thing you have your Oklahoma City transmission repair service. But the truth is it’s not too bad this is only a small hiccup in your life and you will be able to move on. That is because you have chosen Shepherd Automotive is your goto automotive service shop. Their 100% dedicated to their clients and will exceed many expectations that you may have been you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the overall dedication and service shown by the friendly technicians here at Shepherd automotive. It is with very will love that it led to much success of Shepherd Automotive. Thanks to their owner and operator, Guy Shepherd has built a company culture that puts the customers above everything else.

You are considered family whenever you begin working with Shepherd Automotive they truly value all the client and they go to great lengths in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality service available. When guy Sheppard started his automotive services back in 2005 he wanted and automotive repair shop that you would feel comfortable sending your mother too. And that mentality still stands today. They treat each and every client I walk through the door, no matter the race, sex or gender with the exact same happy and positive attitude. This is why I use them as my premier Oklahoma City transmission repair shop. There are many different services that Shepherd Automotive offers including under hood service, electrical system service, maintenance service, fleet service, under car services and convenience services.

Those searches are over as you have found the number one Oklahoma City transmission repair shop in the state of Oklahoma today and you will be extremely pleased with your overall service received from these professional and kind technicians here at Shepherd Automotive. There is no job too big or too small that Shepherd Automotive cannot take on. They’ve seen many different services in the last 14 years and they welcome any challenge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at not only the final price with the service but the high-quality service that comes with each and every job that Shepherd automotive takes on.

Lee, reach out to Shepherd Automotive today and see how they can help you get your vehicle safe and back on the road again. Shepherd company understands that your vehicle is extremely valuable to them and they want to get to in and out as quick as possible. Because they understand that is a opportunity cost when every you are not able to use your vehicle for work and general errands in life. You will be extremely pleased with your overall service received from this amazing automotive care company. Anything from oil changes to full transmission or engine swaps you’ll be taken well care of. And this is a promise.

If you’d like more information on Shepherd Automotive I highly encourage you to visit their website at www.shepherdautomotive.com and see all the services that they offer to their clients. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that they are able to accomplish a many a task for their customers. You may also give them a call at (405) 843-8500.