Are you looking for an Oklahoma city transmission repair shop That can offer you everything you’re looking for more? Retarded dealing with your own people yourself? Are you spending hours on and under you be trying to fix something but it’s not working out you want to brush my we encourage you to take your equal to professional can help you. In fact we believe that Shepard automotive will be the best option for you. We are voted best auto shop in Oklahoma City. We believe we are honest, friendly, and reasonable in pricing.

At our shop we will offer a variety of different services of you looking for Oklahoma city transmission repair shop we are shopping because we do fix things all the way from wheel changes to complete engine or transmission replacements. We have certified technicians who can help you with just about any of your needs. All her visions are a SE certified. Not only architecture technician certified they are experienced and qualified to help fix any of your problems if you will.

We understand that it is so annoying to have to take your car to automotive shop in the first place. Let’s be real who really goes automotive shop just for the fun of it? Most people go because they have to severe sister Oklahoma city transmission repair shop and you want to shop that is convenient and we are the one for you. In fact we even offer free shuttles because you have to get picked up and dropped off. We also have the option for after our drop-off. If you do have to wait and are waiting we have comfortable waiting with free Wi-Fi for your leisure. We are a company that guarantees our work as well that is why we have 24 months or 24,000 miles of warrantee nationwide.

On that note are you taking a road trip anytime soon? I want you to have peace of mind and that is why we are offering you warranties nationwide just think it should be traveler you do anything outside of the state want to make sure you’re still covered. We do encourage you also to go to our we have more information about the services that we offer and we even have testimonials of people have already used our services and left us.

Are you can get an oil change? We get $25 off for those of you that are gear oil change for the first time with us. So we encourage you to go to redesign effort at $25 off or you can call the 405-843-8500 we have some available money decided it’s your call and any questions or concerns you may have. We are here serve your were so excited to get you started your car in the best shape possible.

Are you looking for an Oklahoma City transmission repair shop that can offer you the services you need as well as the community? We are the first to shop for you in fact we are voted best auto shop in Oklahoma City because we believe that we care about customers and it shows. We’re also honest friendly and we offer reasonable pricing. In fact we are even willing to give you $25 off your first time getting oil change with us. Care about a customers and this only care about your needs and your wants.

At our shop if you’re getting a Oklahoma City transmission repair at our shop we want to offer you the convenience of being able to have after our drop-off this is necessary. We also want to guarantee our work that is why we offered warranty for 24 months and up to 24,000 miles nationwide. Severe went on a road trip anytime soon you want piece of my we can rest assured that we will cover you anything goes bad. We also want to offer you free shuttles need to ride to your destination within a reasonable distance as we know how annoying it is to have to depend on other people.

We assure you if you are looking to get your Oklahoma City transmission repair from our shop we assure you that are technicians are qualified technicians. Articulations are also a as a certified. We can handle anything from wheel changes all the way to complete engine or transmission replacement. We service all types of vehicle such as Honda, Nissan’s, to Yoda, and much more. We service gasoline and diesel vehicles as well. We can do computer diagnostics, engine controls, and so much more for your vehicle. We’re automotive shop that is well-rounded is we want to be available for your needs.

If you don’t believe me, you at our we have more information on the services that we offer as well as some testimonials from people I’ve had arty experience are services and loved it. We encourage you to check with Elsie will have a biased opinion but instead you have an opinion from some use this before. There’s some things we can do for you are needing break, engine, or transmission work towards a simple maintenance such as tuneup sort transmission fluid service or whatever and maybe we can offer you the service you need.

So we encourage you to call today at 405-843-8500 we have someone available to take your call and schedule in that oil change you can also visit our we have more information about all this is that we offer as well as more about our company and what were all about. If you are in need of a car repair or if you’re just interested in an oil change or general car diagnostic test. Whatever it is that you and your car needs we have you covered here at, Shepherd Automotive! And if you know anyone, maybe a family member or a friend who is in need of vehicle repairs Don’t for get to let them know about us here at, shepherd auto. Tell them about the quality service and and quick work.