Oklahoma city transmission repair | we work hard to earn your trust

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

As one of the greatest Oklahoma City transmission repair service providers, Shepherd Automotive work hard to earn your trust. We want our clients to feel right at home with our services, which is exactly why we go above and beyond the call of duty to bring them wonderful results every time. We treat them with respect, we are honest and straightforward with them, and what services they could benefit from. This way, you know that every time they recommend to service, they have planned out ahead, how it could help keep your vehicle standing throughout the test of time.

We also work hard to bring you Oklahoma City transmission repair services as well as many others. When you work hard to repair and regularly maintain a vehicle, you are being proactive in your vehicles life. You are trying to stretch its value out as far as you can. And every time you have something repair do, or placing your vehicle, you are only adding to the value, and to the safety of your vehicle. To Shepherd Automotive, we don’t just to you as another faceless number. We see that you are someone with needs, and you need our services to have a safe reliable vehicle.
This vehicle gets you to and from work, to help you go grocery shopping and run multiple Aarons, as well as figure kids to and from school. Your vehicle has a lot of wonderful practical uses which is why we want to continue to add value to it. That value is going to be added by our technicians and mechanics every day. Within their formal education, as well as practical skills that they put to use every day, they are gonna bring the results and a correct diagnosis every time. They also invest in continual education. Just like we all are in our lives, you have to be continually learning and adapting to different situations in scenarios. There’s something to be learned in every part of your life, which exactly how our mechanics and service technicians if you cars.

With every new car, there may be a new aspect or variable that they have to deal with. Which is why if our technicians and mechanics are not ever to get it right the first time, we will own up to our mistake and take responsibility for the issue. We are then going to work hard to fix up for you, without charging you any extra expenses. With that being said, our technicians and mechanics are highly qualified and highly experienced individuals. They are able to get it right the first time, without having to backtrack on their own services, because they it provides you with an accurate diagnosis and then an action plan to get the results you need.

Now if you have any questions, or you want to know how you can get the results you need, give it Shepherd Automotive a call. Because when you are searching for Oklahoma City transmission repair service providers you will be very happy to know that Shepherd Automotive has got it covered. The column at (405) 843-8500, or go online to their very helpful website at shepherdautomotive.com.

Oklahoma City transmission repair | invest in your car

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

It’s time to invest in your car with Oklahoma City transmission repair services. These services are provided at by Shepherd Automotive, and every time it you have something in vehicle repaired, or replace, you are gonna see the value and integrity added to your car. This value and integrity it is going to help increase the efficiency of its function, as well as help the last for many more years. The one hope you make wise decisions for your vehicle, which is why with our responsible, respectful, and on this mechanics you know you’re getting the best deal anyone in Oklahoma can provide.

Shepherd Automotive has been around since 2005. Since 2005, we have had many clients be extremely pleased of our services. They have found peace of mind in our warranties, services, in the promises we make. When you work with Shepherd Automotive, whether it’s with our Oklahoma City transmission repair team, or you’re having were tires rotated, we provide you with a warranty. It’s warranty is guaranteeing that whether in two years, or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first you will have access to it Shepherd Automotive services. And the labor costs, and project costs will all be taken care of at five our company.

Our mechanics and technicians are able to accurately diagnose the problem of your vehicle right the first time. And so, if your vehicles in making funny sounds, smells weird, and there’s black smoke coming out of your engine periodically, you definitely want to get that checked out. It could be a problem with your engine, or your transmission. And so, when you come to Shepherd Automotive we will be able to determine what it is, and then provide Oklahoma City transmission repair and engine repair services.

Now if you bring your vehicle into our shop, and you have no other form of transportation to get to and from work, don’t worry, because we offer a very convenient and free shuttle service. With no extra cost to you, you can enjoy this free shuttle service to and from work, or even picking up your children from school. Now we offer this free service within reasonable distance, but we are gonna do everything we can to make our services as convenient and affordable to you as possible. Which is why, if you go on to our website today you may also fill out a form to claim $25. This $25 can be used to help pay for your next oil change of for your engine.

Now if you want to redeem the offer, just go online to shepherdautomotive.com. You’ll also find numerous other ways to receive knowledge, and help from our company by going to our website. Such as our testimonial videos, our extensive list of services, and ways to redeem offers like the $25 off your oil change. If you have any other questions, questions that made not been answered on our website, please dial (405) 843-8500. Once you dial the number you will reach our customer service line.