Oklahoma city transmission repair | What your car is worth

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you’re looking for a company in Oklahoma City provide you with fantastic Oklahoma City transmission repair services, you are gonna fall head over heels for Shepherd Automotive. Shepherd Automotive have been in Oklahoma City since 2005, and since then we’ve been able to help hundreds and hundreds of clients with their vehicles. We have rescued families alongside the road, as well as road many client stations, and fixing many flat tires. However, even though it those are some of the services we provide, the provide many more for you.

One of them including a year Oklahoma City transmission repair service. When it comes to your transmission, those things can get quite expensive. If you buy them new, they will last at least a couple grand. And so, you most likely will want it to last as long as possible. And so, if that means repairing and maintaining you along the way, then you are gonna do whatever it takes. And Shepherd Automotive, provides outstanding service technicians and mechanics to provide the services for you. They pay attention to detail, they search out and find the most affordable parts are still high-quality and generally good products.

It is our goal here Shepherd Automotive becoming more alternative to having to deal with major dealership. Because when you need Oklahoma City transmission repair services, often times most people go to the dealership where they purchase their vehicle. However, if you go to a smaller businesses such as Shepherd Automotive, you will get to receive the that personalized care and specifically tailored services. We know what your car is worth, and if you begin practices to repair and maintain your vehicle along the way, it will last much longer than you originally thought.

In fact, we have a client who will have had the same car for the last 15 years. And that is because he takes excellent care of his vehicle. He has the oil change regularly, he has tuneups and cleaning done, and he make sure that the you will receive his right therapy engine. So, if you want to learn how you can help your vehicle last for up to 10 years, please contact Shepherd Automotive. In fact in many websites have done this over the years and found that success and great result from Shepherd Automotive services.

Now if you want to find out what it is exactly about Shepherd Automotive and that all of our clients have loved, just go online for website. If you go to shepherdautomotive.com, not only do you have access to it videos and Google reviews of them left by previous clients, but you have an entire list of the services and skill sets we had. That way, you know that you are getting a great service from a highly qualified mechanic. Now if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us. If you dial (405) 843-8500, you will get in touch with our outstanding customer service representative and have all their questions asked, as well as be able to schedule an appointment.

Oklahoma City transmission repair | Why you should choose us

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you have narrowed your search for the perfect Oklahoma City transmission repair service provider to three different auto repair shop what is going to be your next step? Are you going to look at reviews, are you going to test out their services, but if your game plan? One way to verify that the company is honest, and they are able to deliver on their word, is look at their clients reviews. Exactly why Shepherd Automotive want to encourage you to go online for website@shepherdautomotive.com.

When you go online, you are able to see the company’s extensive history, and hear the story of how the they first became a company second 2005. They have been providing Oklahoma City transmission repair services for 14 years. That means, that they have a very long list of clients with a have helped. And so, what you can do, if you can go online for website and watch a few of the video testimonials, as well as agreed the reviews that Google offers. This will help you understand what it’s like working with Shepherd Automotive from the clients perspective.

In fact, there are many reasons why you should choose us, we want you to see what those are. And so, when you see how we are able to provide in Oklahoma City transmission repair as well as for other services such as a tire rotation, engine replacement, and air-conditioning expert you will know about our mechanics are perfect for you. If you know what you’re doing, and you be very surprised at how low the cost of owning a car actually is over its lifetime. Because as you make small repairs and take care of the maintenance as time goes on, it prevents you from having to spend a ton of money when they become a larger problem.

Now if you’d like to test our services, then that you can have your engine oil change. In fact, if you go online to our website today, you can actually claim a $25 off your engine oil. Not only that, but you have access to one of Oklahoma the greatest in the entire state. This point you processes you, that whether you had your vehicle for two years substances worked on it, or you have driven it 24,000 miles, if you experience any issues we will take care of it. You will cover the cost of labor as well as the parts or products needed to work on your vehicle.

Now if you have questions, you can always file (405) 843-8500, and that brings you to our customer service line. You can also go online to our website@shepherdautomotive.com, and you will find the answers to many of your questions on our website. So don’t forget to clean the $25 off your first oil change, as well as figure out how you can sign-up our through the amazing warranty. It’s warranty bring a lot keys to remind as you understand Shepherd Automotive here to help you. We only hires the greatest mechanics and service technicians, that way we can ensure that our clients are always having a great experience working with our company. And that is exactly why you should choose us.