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You suck for men about smoking the engine. If you are experiencing a lot of smoke coming out of your engine but not really sure what the causes, the people here Shepherd Automotive are going offer you the services that will diagnose the problem correctly. Were going to figure out what color the smoke is. If it is black smoke white smoke blue smoke that were going to dive in further and see how we can figure out the right solution for you. Were going to make sure that when you come into The best auto repair in Oklahoma City we cover all the bases.

For example if you see some black smoke coming out of the exhaust while driving or if it comes out right after start the engine but it stops after a little bit, were going to be able to take these clues and then further narrow down what is going on with your vehicle. After we checked the air filter and see if it is dirty were going to move forward from there. If the air filter is dirty then we should only have to replace the air filter and will fix that black smoke.

If we check the air filter and there is really not much started, or not enough to really be concerned about, were going have to take a good look at your fuel injection sensors because if that is gone bad it could be sending some wrong signals to the engine to send a different amount of fuel to mix with the oil and therefore is causing some smoke to come out of the engine. Here at The best auto repair in Oklahoma City, we been doing this for long enough that we are able to figure it out.

For the most part if there is black smoke coming out of the exhaust while you are driving it is most likely a solution that is coming from the air filter being filthy. Cleaning out the air filter should solve most those problems and if not with the fallback would be of course the fuel sensor. Either of these courses of action will be available to you when you work with us because were going to clear thing three before doing anything at all. This is going to make us the best place to go for The best auto repair in Oklahoma City.

Everything that we do here Shepherd Automotive is designed around making sure that your experience is a positive one. If you are looking for The best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you want to learn more about what we are able to produce, you can call us up and let us help you. Were going to be excited about seeing the way your car is going to run after we get the necessary repair done on it. Call us up today at 405-843-8500 or go online to to start taking a look at what we do and how we do it.

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | further information about black smoke

Shepherd Automotive has been talking about black smoke in our latest blog posts. This blog post is going to be concerning some black smoke that is coming out of your engine. In the previous what we spoke about whether your black smoke is coming out of the exhaust when you are driving. And we discussed that the best opportunity to fix that in the best way to go about getting that black smoke to stop is to usually clean the air filter. Today we are talking about whether or not the black smoke comes out right after starting the engine. The best auto repair in Oklahoma City is going to help you.

If the black smoke is coming out immediately after starting engine, but then it stops after a bit you need to understand that this is a relatively easy fix. Basically what has gone wrong as your engine center has gone bad. By taking this into a qualified mechanic and getting The best auto repair in Oklahoma City you are going to be able to get back on the road and stopped that black smoke coming out again. Now we are going to talk about if the smoke is white smoke coming out of the engine.

A big thing to look for when you are looking for white smoke is the location in which is exiting the vehicle. The best auto repair in Oklahoma City is going to be able to pinpoint this really quickly for you but you can also take a good look at yourself. If the white smoke is coming out of the exhaust while driving, when it is very cold outside, or right after starting engine but then it stops, were going to be able to diagnose. Shepherd Automotive wants you to know that you have options when it comes to using automotive repair shops.

If the white smoke is coming out of the exhaust while driving, and you notice that even have the engine has warmed up in is still there, you need to come in and see us. If it stops after letting the engine warm-up, that is a completely normal thing for car to do because it is just condensation steaming off of the engine and out of the exhaust. If it continues however you need to take action because your head gasket has gone bad. Water is getting in with the oil and is causing the smoke come out to the exhaust. This means that if you do not take action your car will overheat and will cost you a lot of money to fix.

Here Shepherd Automotive we want to make sure that you do not have to spend more than you need to so you need to take preventative action sooner rather than later. Call us up today to schedule your appointment by calling 405-843-8500 or going online to Every thing that we are here to do for you will be able to make a difference so do not waste any time.