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This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

Do you know what to expect when you bring your car in for servicing a automotive service provider? Are you concerned that people might not be taking your car in good hands when you bring them your card? Some people might be concerned that automotive providers are not as thorough as they expected. This is why people trust us as The best auto repair in Oklahoma City available in town. Here at Shepherd Automotive, we pride ourselves on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. This is why we can offer you the best service saying that automobile shop available.

When you bring your car to estimate the cost of servicing your vehicle, and many companies might not be up front and there may be hidden costs. Here at Shepherd Automotive, we believe in transparency and proper communication. This is why many of our clients are happy to maintain responsive and understanding connection with us. We believe in providing our clientele with engaging and supportive services. This is why we are The best auto repair in Oklahoma City that you can’t find anywhere else.

So whether you are needing to put your car in for something simple like an engine oil change or if you’re needing something more complex like a complete computer diagnostic service that you can be confident knowing that you come to one location that is convenient for you for all your automotive servicing needs and is The best auto repair in Oklahoma City. Our staff members and mechanics are friendly and and, honest and kind. Don’t miss out on our reasonable prices and amazing services.

When you come to us to have your car service, you can expect incredibly professional and qualified technicians who are more than happy to make you feel comfortable. Our technicians are highly trained and attempted to your needs. So whether you are needing free shuttle services or after-hours drop-off, then you can be reassured knowing that we can offer convenient services like User you are comfortable. Many people are happy to bring their vehicles and automobiles to as the service because we provide customer satisfaction guaranteed Taylor every servicing it specifically to that client and their vehicle.

It’s important that we tailor every servicing specifically to your desires because we understand how important it is for you to feel safe and comfortable in your vehicle at all times. This is why we are going to continue to maintain a wonderfully attentive and considerate connection with user that you feel supported the entire time your car is being serviced by us. We do not believe any hidden costs that we are transparent and upfront about everything. A trust us as their automotive service provider. Don’t hesitate to reach us to learn more about our services by visiting You can also get in contact directly with one of our amazing technicians by dialing 405838500 today. You won’t be disappointed by all the services we have to offer and our professionalism. Call us today and claim your first Special.

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | Maintain your vehicle

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

There are some full automotive service providers available on the market and industry. However none are as productive and as creative as ours here at The best auto repair in Oklahoma City Shepherd Automotive. We’re confident in providing you with the best automotive services that she needs for your valuable vehicle. We understand that maintaining a automobile is expensive which is why we want to take care of your car in a cost effective and efficient way. This is why many automobile enthusiasts trust us to provide them with the top maintenance and services available.

When you have a vehicle that has more than 100,000 miles on it it can be difficult and expensive to continue to maintain your car’s value and efficiency. This is why you should depend on someone who is reliable and trustworthy to take care of your car. Here at Shepherd Automotive, we are proud to identify as The best auto repair in Oklahoma City because we are determined to give you the best service available. We understand that you want want to have a safe time in your car which is why we can provide that for you.

We want to maintain a strong connection with our clientele which is why we remain engaged, considerate, and understanding about your’s. We know that many cars are a special to their owners which is why we will take care of your vehicles and will give it the best treatment deserves. Some of the cars that we can service include Acura, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, and more. We stand by our work ethic and we believe that we can give you peace of mind no matter what your vehicle issues are. This is why we are considered to be The best auto repair in Oklahoma City

We have strong faith and honesty here at Shepherd Automotive because our technicians and mechanics are highly trustworthy. They are motivated to give you the best service that you deserve and we will treat your car well. No matter what kind of services your meetings at just under car services under hood services electrical system services or more, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the productive and services that we provide. We know that it is difficult for many people to trust mechanics to the health of their vehicle, but we put your safety as our priority which is why you can trust us.

So if you’re feeling anxious and frustrated with your car acting up, or if your car is old, we guarantee that we can service it in a way that will make you feel more secure and stable in your vehicle. To see all the services we have to offer you can visit our website at to see if you qualify for a first-time service special. When you make an appointment to get your first oil change, you can get $25 off that service. This is something we guarantee to our new clientele so that we can form a loyal connection between us. So go ahead and call us today at 405-843-8500 to schedule your first oil change with the discount of $25. This is something you don’t want to sound on because we provide quality service that you can be comfortable with.