The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | Honest and reliable
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

Have you been browsing around online or asking friends and family for recommendations for the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and still don’t know who to reach out to you for your automotive needs? I get that you are doing your research and trying to find an honest and reliable automotive shop in town, but I will tell you there is one company that stands head and shoulders above the competition and their name is Shepherd Automotive. Since they began their shop back in January 2005 have never looked back in they are trailblazing into the future and changing the way that most people perceive automotive mechanical shops. You’ll be forever grateful that you had an opportunity to work with the very best in the business here at Shepherd Automotive.

There’s something special about finding a reliable automotive shop and the weighted they treat you is extremely rare. As you know many mechanics are not thought of in the best light. I don’t blame you for thinking that way. As we all have had our issues dealing with mechanics. I remember one time I went in for an easy engine coolant leak turned out to be $800 fix. I could’ve bought the part online for $25 and installed it under 30 minutes. This is a prime example of why people don’t trust mechanics shops. I did, you need to make money but when you charge 1000 times more than what is truly worth that is highway robbery in my book. To trust the technicians here at Shepherd Automotive as they are the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you will not find any other mechanical shop that is this honest and reliable to their clients.

When Shepherd Automotive first began back in 2005 he had a dream of making an automotive repair shop that you would feel comfortable sending your wife or mother too. And since that day they started they had held true to their principles and values. They have experienced immense success since then and there are not resting on their laurels. In fact they are always staying up-to-date with the latest automotive trends and techniques in order to continue being the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and that is their promise to their clients. You are considered family once you begin working with Shepherd Automotive.

So please stop wasting your time trying to find another auto repair shop that will not live up to Shepherd Automotive because you will not find another company that is staffed with the most honest and reliable technicians in Oklahoma City and that is a guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for. Reach out to the best in the industry here at Shepherd Automotive. We can’t wait to help you get your car back up and running. Please give them a call today at (405) 843-8500 or feel free to visit their website at

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | True technicians
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

My good friend you need to your car looked at. You say you don’t have a mechanic that you go to regularly? Well have no fear because I have the perfect recommendation for you. Their name is Shepherd Automotive and they are considered the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you will be extremely excited after you see your bill. They pride themselves on doing honest and high quality service work. So you know you are getting the most competitive and best price and Oklahoma City whenever you go to Shepherd Automotive. They are truly something else and you will never go back to another automotive repair shop as long as shepherd company is here for you. When people began looking for auto repair shops they have many reservations.

Some of these reservations include not knowing if you can trust the technicians or the shop owners that run the auto shops. This is a very valid fear as the social stigma attached to mechanics is not the best. In fact many times you’ve never even heard the word honest and mechanic used in the same sentence. But I can hundred percent say with confidence that Shepherd Automotive is the pinnacle of reliability and honesty. They conduct their business with the highest integrity around and this is why they have been the best auto repair in Oklahoma City for over 14 years.

If you are looking for repairs, maintenance and safety inspection look no further than the tried-and-true Shepherd Automotive. They are always going above and beyond to put your mind at ease knowing that your car has been inspected repaired or maintenance by the most qualified and honest technicians in the business today. This is exactly why they are considered the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and there is no close second. They are head and shoulders above the competition and this is based solely on their dedication and promises to their customer. You can trust their word whatever they say fake and get it done in a certain amount of time.

You should definitely choose Shepherd Automotive to be your automotive care professionals. They are local and ready to help with a number of different services. They’ll even do prepurchase inspections for you when buying a vehicle. But you’ve never heard of an auto shop that does prepurchase inspections. Even if they’re not even telling the vehicle they still care about your safety and hopefully you will use them down the line instead of the dealership whatever you need maintenance or repairs. Right now they are offering $25 off your very first oil change and you will have to take advantage of this promotion before it’s too late. Feels this good don’t last forever simply designed to Shepherd Automotive today and see what all the hype is about.

To know is your chance to work with the most reliable and honest technicians in the industry today. Visit the nearest shepherd company for all of your automotive repairs and maintenance needs. Please visit their website today at or give them a call at (405) 843-8500.