The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | Respectable service
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

I understand that there are many different options for choosing and automotive repair shop in the Oklahoma City area. But I promise you’ll not find one that goes above and beyond the level of service experienced here at Shepherd Automtive. They are truly dedicated to their clients and will always exceed their expectations smashingly. You can trust the experts here at Shepherd Automotive to provide the most transparent and honest service that you will ever find in an automotive repair shop. This is why Shepherd Automtive is the best auto repair in Oklahoma City today. And I know there are many options, but none compare to the price and service that you receive here at the wonderful company Shepherd Automotive.

We all experienced our troubles in her life. I guess it’s just one of the unforeseen expenditures that we have to prepare for. But, I will let you know that Shepherd Automotive offers an amazing warranty of 24 months or 24,000 miles. Whichever comes first. This’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your car parts are covered by the best in the industry here at Shepherd Automotive. They truly are the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and that’s a fact. They been faithfully serving the community of Oklahoma City since they began in 2005. Owner and operator, Shepherd has never looked back and is extremely grateful that he has had the opportunity to help thousands of Oklahoma City residents with their car issues and problems.

Shepherd automotive started with a dream from guys Shepherd where he wanted to help people with their vehicles and a automotive repair shop that you would feel comfortable sending your wife or mother too. As you know many mechanics are not known for their honesty as they tried to snake out extra dollars from your wallet by filing for bogus repairs or erroneous prices. You will never have to worry about Pat here at. They truly value their clients and they treat you exactly how you deserve to be treated. This is exactly why they are considered the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you will be forever grateful that you have this mechanical shop in your backyard.

You should choose Shepherd Automotive for your car care professionals. You are much more than just a client or customer to them you are considered family. They want to treat you with the utmost respect and give you peace of mind that your car is up to code and save after they repair or do maintenance on your vehicle. It’s very true that if you buy a extremely well put together car how little the cost of ownership actually is when you keep it up-to-date with regular maintenance and oil change. Right now they have $25 off your very first oil change here at Shepherd Automtive.

Please reach out to Shepherd Automotive today to get started working with the very best automotive repair shop in the city. Give them a call (405) 843-8500 or visit their website today at

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | Truly great
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

Even looking around for the best auto repair in Oklahoma City don’t know who you can trust? I completely understand your concern and will have had more stories that deal with shady automotive repair shops. But I’m here to set the record straight and tell you that there is nothing shady or dishonest about Shepherd Automtive. They are one of the most well respected and highest integrity automotive shops I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing. They truly are the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you will be thankful that you have the opportunity to deal with the professionals here.

When you buy a car you need to continuously be keeping in mind that maintenance is key. In order to keep your car safe and running for many miles ahead regular oil changes and engine flushes are required to keep it up to date. Rest assured that you have found the very best auto repair in Oklahoma City here at Shepherd Automotive. They will go well above and beyond your average automotive shop and you will be extremely with your overall service you received here at their shop. They began to stop back in 2005 they have gained thousands of loyal clients and its here at more and more to their long list of satisfied customers.

Their main goal here at Shepherd Automotive is to give you an alternative to dealing with the dealerships. As you know dealership markups are quite expensive and somewhat annoying. Why pay hundred dollars when you can go down to Shepherd Automotive and pay $25 for the same parts but even better labor. Trust the professionals here to provide you with the service that you have ever received here in Oklahoma City. They truly are considered the best auto repair in Oklahoma City and you’ll not find another company that is this respected and honest with their clients.

Here at Shepherd Automotive you are much more than just a number to customer, they understand that your time is valuable and that is exactly why they want to get you in and out as quickly and conveniently as possible. They know that your transportation is vital and they want you to rest assured that you will receive the best service around and your vehicle will be safe and up to par after they finish repairs or maintenance on your automotive.

They want to save you money and give you the highest quality work possible and they do so on a regular basis. They are always exceeding their clients expectations and they invites you to be next in their list of highly satisfied clients. The trust the mechanics here at Shepherd Automotive to deliver on their word because their word is their bond. You will feel extremely comfortable dealing with these kind and friendly technician and they will never steer you in the wrong direction. They itemize their bills see you know exactly what you are paying for. Please give them a call when you’re ready can working with the best in the business (405) 843-8500 or feel free to visit their website at