The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | more clanking sounds
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Shepherd Automotive wants to hate be here for you as The best auto repair in Oklahoma City to get you the necessary information about your vehicle to figure out what problems are happening. Today we are talking about sounds are coming from your engine. When you are hearing clunking sound and you do not really know what to do the first thing is going to need to happen is to figure out where those sounds are coming from and when they are occurring. Shepherd Automotive is going to teach you what to look for.

The very person that you need to listen for his when the sound is occurring. If you here at clanking sound when releasing the gas pedal, you need to go to a mechanic today. The best auto repair in Oklahoma City is going to be able to take a look at it and inspect the driveline joints. These joints are going to need to be checked because if they are loose and there it causing a jarring effect to the transmission, eventually transmission is going to suffer. You do not want this to happen because of it goes to longer going to have to replace or repair the transmission, and that can get expensive.

Sometimes going sounds are not as scary as that though. Sometimes if you are driving over a bump and you hear the clunking sound then, it could be a result of your front or rear shocks or struck cartridges being faulty. If they get worn down there are not going to be able to hold their attention is that while to need to and you are going to experience that in the car. Contact us today and let us show you what The best auto repair in Oklahoma City can do to make sure that you are able to drive safely without having a sound coming when you hit a bump.

If you are trying to turn your car in your car is making a clicking sound only when turning, this is something that needs be address by a mechanic as well. If it is only while turning in your car is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you need to take action sooner rather than later. Your CV joint could be out of whack and this is going to cause a jarring effect on the transmission and like we established earlier this to cost you a whole lot of money down the line. However if your car is a real wheel drive vehicle and is making the sound when you are turning, you need to talk to mechanics sooner than Ray later because this is an indication of a larger problem to come..

Here at Shepherd Automotive we want to make sure that we are the best repair shop that you can go to. We want to help you understand that The best auto repair in Oklahoma City should take the time to explain the problem and give you options. If you are not experience in this with your current shop come on bike Shepherd Automotive and let us show you the Shepherd difference. Call us up 405-843-8500 or check us out online at

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City | awkward shifting solutions

With Shepherd Automotive taking a look at your car, you are going to be able to identify problems before they become huge problems. Typically with cars, problems always start out small but they become big problems by ignoring them. What you need to do is you need to look for different symptoms and figure out early what the problem could be and have Shepherd Automotive take care of it sooner rather than later. Today we are talking about awkward shifting experiences. If you are trying to drive your car and your transmission the shifting at different times and it should, you need to talk to a mechanic.

Depending on the type of car in the year it made it may have a computer controlling the transmission. It is a computer controlled transmission and you are experiencing this phenomenon when you are trying to shift and it shifts to early, then you most likely have a faulty electronic sensor. A’s transmission specialist will be able to run some diagnostic testing figure out what is going to need to be changed. The best auto repair in Oklahoma City is going to be able to do this for you.

If the transmission is not computer-controlled however and it is a typical standard issue manual transmission, then you need to understand that the throttle valve linkage could be upset or the governor for the transmission has gone faulty as well. The valve linkage needs to be adjusted and the governor needs be inspected. This is something that you could try yourself but it be better to let a mechanic and a professional do it for you. When messing with the transmission, you really do not want to take any chances.

The best auto repair in Oklahoma City is going to take the time to figure out what the problem exactly as before diving into your vehicle. If you are trying to shift and you notice that your gears are being held for a little bit too long, and you check the transmission level and is fine, you need to go to a mechanic soon because this could be a problem very similar to above. Having a faulty sensor is probably the most likely issue if you checked all the other things and it is still not fixed.

If you are trying to accelerate or if you are just driving normally and you notice that the transmission is shifting weird as well, you need to bring into a mechanic because chances are that you have a valve that is sticking. If there is a leaking vacuum hose and your close system has a place for a week out of, you need to run some diagnostic tests and replace a hose if necessary. The best auto repair in Oklahoma City can do this easily for you so call us up today and get started. Go ahead and call us up at 405-843-8500 or go online to